What’s Next? What’s the Score Here?

Jason Peters wrote an outstanding article about what needs to happen before IndyCar can become popular again. At the moment things look good because of the unification and the Dana-fication of the series. But the momentum can only last so long if steps are not taken perpetuate the progress made so far. He makes several excellent points regarding leveraging sponsors and improving television coverage.

I agree with everything he says. But I feel there is one more thing that needs to happen. As fans we have a responsibility also. IndyCar fans should share the same passion that Nascar fans do. Try telling a Nascar fan that the Cup series is inferior to F1. They will rattle off things like car counts, tv ratings, constant passing. Be prepared to combat those things. I feel that part of the reason why Nascar has become the de facto racing series here in the US is because, as fans, we have allowed it to happen. Partly because we had no feet to stand on, and partly because we were angry about someone or something. But this is our chance. We have one series, a good product, personable drivers, and the Month Of May. We have little excuse to not back up our series now.

We don’t need to be irritating or closed minded. But we do need to stand our ground. Occasionally I watch the rolling wash tubs to see what is going on, and I know one other person who watches it because it is broadcast in high def. Nothing wrong with that, but if we are going to talk racing, I guarantee you that IndyCar will be discussed. And you will not tell me that a 45 car count is what determines “real racing”.

As fans we can also support the sponsors, fly the colors, make fun of the “I Am Mindy” chant (ok, that might not help), and participate in the online forums and blogs.

I for one look forward to the day when, as fans, we can just concentrate on the racing and not the success or failure of the series. But for the moment we need to play a bigger part.

(No.. TG is not holding me hostage… (yes he is.. help) )