Tony Stewart Headboard

Product #12425
Price: $252.99

Description: “Dreams of future NASCAR race wins spring to mind when you fall asleep with the NASCAR Racing Team logo Tony Stewart Headboard. ”

Folks, this is the deal of a lifetime. Fall asleep knowing that Tony Stewart is on your side.. watching you while you sleep. What’s that? Nightmares of rainy weather and right turns? Hush… Nascar fan… Tony will be there when you wake up.


Kurt Kyle: When the police showed up at my trailer looking for that dead girl I thought for sure I was headed back to the pen. But the second they took a gander at my genuine #20 head board, they forgot all about it.

Edward Gordon: There ain’t nobody who can sleep the legs off a bed like Smoke, that’s for sure. A few years ago I got drunk and snuck into his house hoping for an autograph. I lost track of time and woke up several hours later. Turns out I was in my own home, and Kyle Busch was in my bed with my 78 year old mother.