Sebastian Vettel Spices Things Up

Sebastian Vettel, at 21, has won his first Formula 1 event and is the youngest driver to win a F1 GP. He had a couple things going for him, a good setup, a rolling start, and a bucket-load of talent.

What makes this win even more interesting is the fact that it was won by a customer team. A team that is up for sale . There has been quite the controversy around customer teams lately. The new Concorde Agreement will ban this type of team in 2010. But discussions are underway about the possibility of keeping Toro Rosso around in some form. One has to wonder if this win, and Toro Rosso’s performance all year will have a bearing on those discussions. At minimum, this has to raise the value of the team if Red Bull still plans to sell the team before next year. If it were me, I would sell the Red Bull team instead..

BTW, just in case you thought I had forgotten about the little “mishap” Sebastian Bourdais suffered from.. here is little video that expresses my feelings…