Italian GP mini-preview

After a hectic qualifying it looks like we’ve got a grid for a great race tomorrow at Monza. With two STRs up front it looks as if Kovalainen should get an early lead with Vettel and Webber giving chase. In the dry he should take Vettel with ease early on.
Not sure if Bourdais will be in there, he may run 5th or 6th for a while. I reckon both STRs will have fallen back a little before the first stops. Webber’s career is littered with terrible luck so expect his car to expire, or someone to drive into him.

The main interest will be watching Raikkonen and Hamilton (and Kubica) working their way through the field and whether they can catch Massa. With the points situation Kovalainen’s job is basically to beat Massa, preferably by winning. Hamilton has the points lead so can afford to give one or two away but would rather not so will be out to minimise that loss. Kimi needs to win to gain points back, nothing else will do. Heikki also wants to win for his own reputation, of course – he IS in a McLaren, he’s expected to win races. Massa needs to beat Hamilton by several points-paying positions regardless of what their respective team-mates do.

We’re in for a classic title run over the rest of the year, don’t miss it.

Check out the MotoGP at Indy as well. Could be dull, could be the best thing ever. MotoGP races are a bit like that. One week you watch a parade of riders, the next week all hell breaks loose with passing and repassing… I’m not the world’s foremost expert on MotoGP so I just sit back and enjoy.

The other thing on is the 1000km race at Silverstone. I nearly attended and would have done had the Italian GP not been on, but after all the happenings at Spa and with a grid such as we have at Monza I could NOT miss that Grand Prix. Yeah I know I could tape it (I haven’t quite caught up with DVRs yet) but it’s not the same…

And I think some taxi cabs are running around in circles somewhere.

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