I AM “Petit”: Why IndyCar Fans Should Watch

Wait a minute… maybe that title “I AM Petite” wasn’t such a good idea.

For all of the Indy fans who are starting to suffer from withdrawal, there is good news. Aside from the upcoming Surfers Paradise race, you will also want to catch the ALMS “Petit Le Mans” race on October 4th. It is a ten hour race full of crazy things like cars with fenders, guys jumping out of cars, super sneaky silent cars, and some kind of weird engine-turning-off-thing during pit stops.

But don’t let all of that scare you away. Here are some reasons why you will want to tune in:

– Kyle Busch, Ming the Merciless, and Ralph Macchio created this year’s theme song.

– Indycar Drivers are all up in this thing. Dixon will be driving for De Ferran, Marco and TK for AGR, and recently announced Helio and Briscoe for Penske.

– The full driver lineup hasn’t been announced yet, but there will be some past open wheel guys driving like Gil De Ferran, Scott Sharp, and Simon Pagenaud. Now add some big names in sports car racing like Allan McNish, Clint Field, and Mika Salo among many others (OK Void.. yes.. those are the only names I know.. and I had to look them up to spell them correctly.).

– They will be raising money for people suffering from “Living In Canada-itus”. (Oh common… it was a joke…)

– I am not going into detail on the classes in ALMS but it can be very cool to watch. Read about it on the ALMS web site. In normal ALMS races the diesel powered Audi-pair are the fastest cars on the track. But the lower class LMP2 class cars have been able to capitalize on a few weaknesses. Slower cars frequently win the race overall. One of the teams that has pulled it off is Penske, and he is running 3 cars. Also, Audi’s European nemesis “Peugeot” is fielding a diesel powered entry.

– If you only enjoy ovals you are in luck. Road Atlanta Super Speedway is actually an “Oval” track. In the past few years “Weepers” have eroded the perfectly round course, and now there are a few “natural” bends that drivers will need to maneuver around.

Do It! Don’t let the “Man” convince you that sports car racing is not “Polite” or “Good For Your Teeth”. I tell you.. I watched it, and it improved my ability to count things, helped me get a job as a “Online Forum Moderator”, and protected me from level 4 paralyzing spells.