Countdown To The 500

And so here we are, next up.. May. And what a month it will be. Especially for me.

This year I will be attending the 500 for the first time.. live and in person. You see.. I am too cheap to buy a big screen high definition television. So I had one of two options:

1) Go over to Void’s house to watch it in high def while he explains his many conspiracy theories about TG


2) Actually attend the race, and witness “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” for myself.

So I decided to go. My wife and I will be heading down there a few days before the race just to catch the sights and sounds. I am still trying to figure out what we will be doing there, but thanks to the folks at trackforum I have plenty of ideas. I hope to take a ton of pictures and post as much on the blog as possible.

So, here we go. Lots of stuff coming up this month.

Stay tuned!